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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The plan so far...


Late last year I decided to resign from my job and have some time off. While I was at home doing all the little jobs around the house that had been neglected for the last three years I realised I was in a very fortunate position. I wasn't working, my daughter was old enough to look after herself (and our menagerie of animals), and I had enough money in the bank to do what I had always dreamed of. Go exploring overseas on a motorcycle.

My original plan was to ship my bike to the US then ride to the tip of South America. I was going to do this solo as my wife Suzanne wasn't keen to come along. Part way into the planning Suzanne decided that she would come along as my pillion, so the plans changed. The trip would now be around Europe, as I didn't think Suzanne would like South America as much as I would, and I’d buy a bike in the UK that was more suited to riding two up.

So that brings us to now. We have our flights booked and leave Perth, Western Australia on May 24th, for who knows how long. That is about all we have organised so we have lots of work to do. My plan is to try and get to out of the way places and really see what the countries and the locals are like. Sure, we'll do the touristy things as well, but my priority is off the beaten track. Blasting down a freeway and covering twenty countries in a week isn't in the plan.

Our daughter is coming along for a few weeks at the start of the trip to do the tourist thing with Mum and Dad then she’ll head home and we’ll hit the road.

Wish us luck.

Oh, and the name Wrong Way Round? Well I told a mate, Tony, what we were doing and he laughed and said "So you're doing The Wrong Way Round" obviously referring to Ewan and Charlie's adventures and suggesting I would get totally lost. It kinda stuck in my head.

So there you are. 

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