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Friday, 22 June 2012

Adios Barcelona - We'll be back.


Today we made the touristic Barcelona pilgrimage to Sagrada Familia, another Gaudi designed architectural masterpiece. This was my third visit here and I never cease to be gobsmacked by this building. I'm not a religious person so that aspect of the building doesn't affect me, but the design and engineering side is just out of this world. It looks like it is a model for a fairy story or something similar. There has been a lot of progress since I was here two years ago, but there is still a hell of a long way to go. That's OK though because work started on this in 1882 so obviously there is no rush. To be fair this building was being paid for by donations to the church, so progress was initially slow, it's only recently that the interior has been opened to the public (at a price of course) that funds have become readily available and progress is now much faster. I'd love to see the finished project but I don't know if I'll be around that long.

Token Sagrada Familigia photo. 
Seriously, there are so many photos of this on the web that there's no need for me to post any. Go and take a look. Go on. Why aren't you looking?

That night it was back to our favourite Barcelona Tapas restaurant for our farewell dinner. Set Gotic is nothing flash but the food is just so gooooood. The staff are great and it's a nice place to have a feed and a drink. Paige's favourite was the "Three goats cheese salad with honey and cherry vinaigrette". I reckon by the time we get home Paige will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen every night and we'll be eating really well.

Then it was a casual stroll back to the apartment for a good nights sleep. We had just settled into the Spanish way of having a rest in the afternoon and heading out for a late, leisurely diner finishing around 12, and it was time to leave. 

I could very easily get used to living in Barcelona. Who knows...

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