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Monday, 4 June 2012

Music Festival, or shopping - What chance did I have?


We woke up this morning to find the sky was grey and it was trying it's best to rain but could only manage squeeze an annoying drizzle out of the cloud cover. The temperature was a blistering 10 degrees C. Our plan was to make a quick visit to Camden Markets on the way to the the Apple Cart Festival, an all day music festival featuring a few artists we knew and a lot that we didn't. I should have said my plan, not our plan. The girls weren't keen. We made it to Camden markets and I'm sure you can guess the rest. I was like a mosquito in a Mortein TV commercial, I didn't stand a chance. How many shoes and handbags can you look at? Really?

   The good news is that the markets introduced us to a cool artist by the name of Jeff Michalik. Now Jeff's work is a little left of say the least. He has a seriously warped, dark, hilarious sense of humour, and all three of us loved his work. He creates paintings and reproduces prints of them to sell to the public. (Interestingly Australia and New Zealand feature highly in his internet sales). 

      Suzanne spent some time talking to Jeff about all things arty farty and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Jeff showed up at a body painting jam in the near future. I can't imagine what he would create with a three dimensional body as a canvas.

      Paige and I were going through the prints deciding which ones to get when we both pulled out the same print at the same time and showed each other. Jeff then showed us the original on canvas. It's funny how things happen. Early in the trip Suzanne and I discussed what we would collect as souvenirs of this adventure. We quickly ruled out badges, tea spoons, and fridge magnets as unsuitable. It had to be something we would actually see, use, and enjoy when we were home, and also had to be easily packed and transported on the bike. The answer was obvious...we'll collect artwork along the way. One piece from each country we visit. So we looked at the large canvas, and after a little thought and discussion with Jeff, a deal was struck and we added an original Jeff Michalik to our collection.

Batsy by Jeff Michalik.
You can see Jeff's work at

  After our purchase it was an ongoing procession of jewellry stalls, shoe shops, and clothes shops. 

   The day did turn up a little piece of gold so all was not lost. Monday is a day off with nothing happening until 4 O'clock when we meet up with Carla. Who know what will happen after that?

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