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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Body Circus - Well, it was a circus alright, and it was full of bodies.

4/7/12 Late

 Every year at the World Body painting Festival there are two organised parties. One held two nights before the event, and one on the last night. The one held before the event is called the Body Circus. Now face and body painters and models are very shy and quiet people and very introverted. Yeah right!

The Body Circus pulls everyone together for a night of fun and music and most people put a lot of effort into their preparation for this. Obviously costumes and paint play a big part in the night. Unfortunately as we are travelling on a motorcycle we had no costumes, but in the end it really didn't matter a jot. We all had fun. Catching up with friends that you only see every couple of years just adds to the enjoyment.

Here are a few photos of the night:

Katrina and Suzanne ham it up for the camera.

SUZANNE: Can I just add this is a very sober pic, though it may not appear to be : )
It's true - Simon.

Jules, our favourite Little Dragon was in fine form.

Beware, there be pirates about. Juliet Eve and her crew came as pirates. Her better (much better) half Paul looked bloody awesome as a pirate.

As always there was lots of paint about. This girl was dancing on stage while The Lost Boys performed their set. OK, gripe time. I just don't get this whole DJ thing at the moment. I'm sorry, but standing on stage and yelling "Put your hands up", and "Make some fu*****noise Austria" doesn't make you a music artist in my book. Not by a looooooong shot.

Same girl from the front.

A little person dancing, as you would expect.

A little bit of pink to brighten things up.

This girls eyes were amazing, but her bubbles got in the way.

Just a s small part of the party people.

This girl was a Hula Hoop genius. She could actually spin a hoop on her nose, and no she didn't have a big nose. She could also dance while she was Hula Hooping. The crowd loved her.

This is the standard of work you see here at the festival, and this is just for fun, not the competition.

These poor girls must have had too much to drink and  fallen in the pool. I wanted to save them but Suzanne wouldn't let me. We found out after this was Juliet's daughter Phillipa, and I think her friend Holly.

Write your own caption.

We left the Body Circus and strolled back to our hotel at about 2.30am. We developed a thirst on the way and stopped in a bar for a quick drink, and this huge thunderstorm rolled in. It bucketed down and the thunder and lightening show was epic. At one stage the thunder and lightening happened at the same time and shook the decking we were sitting on. It was a brilliant end to a fun night.

The view of the rain from the bar.

Oh yes, it hailed as well.

Granny Suzanne rugged up against the cold. Who the hell can get stung by a bee during a thunder storm? Yes, Suzanne can.

We found two little waifs in the rain. These 18 year old kids were on holiday from the US and were caught in the down poor. They were freezing. We shouted them a hot chocolate each and wrapped them in a blanket to warm them up.

We had to stay in the bar for a while and ended up crawling into bed at about 3am.
Thankfully tomorrow is a day off and we can relax.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Sorry Rexy, I didn't get her name or her phone number.

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