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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Moto GP at Assen – My first overseas GP


To my surprise I found out this morning that only one person from the Dutch gang was actually going to the race, the rest just come down for a fun weekend and don’t go tho the race. We walked to the track from our camp ground with many thousands of other people and once inside the gate realised just how big Moto GP is in Europe. There were people everywhere and more merchandise stalls than you could possible throw money at. Food and beer tents are dotted all the way round the circuit and it’s very civilised. They treat you as a grown up and let you buy as many beers as you like and you can drink them wherever you like. You don’t have to stand in a little roped off section like you do at Phillip Island. Ah those crazy Dutch law makers, where will it end? The sun was shining and it seems as soon as the sun comes out, the Dutch take their shirts off. There were a lot of pink people by the end of the day.

We found ourselves a nice little vantage point about half way round the circuit and settled in on one of the grassy banks that surround the track. Leigh was suffering with his ribs and decided that lying down and having a little snooze in the sunshine was his best option. 

The weather held out all day. Nice and sunny with just a few clouds to provide a bit of shade. It didn't stop us getting sunburned though. Check out the crowd.

Now I’ve been to a few Aussie GPs over the years, but I’ve never seen an Aussie rider win a Moto GP race in the premier class. I saw Garry McCoy win on the 125 at Eastern Creek years ago and that was one of the most memorable races I’ve ever seen, but the big Aussie win has never eventuated while I’ve been there. I was beginning to think I was a jinx on our Aussie riders and my hopes were high for Casey Stoner to put things right for me. Even Suzanne was excited during the race when Casey made his move on Pedrosa.

As you probably know it was a Stoner / Pedrosa race with Casey just hanging back until about seven laps to go. He then passed Pedrosa and just took off. A very smart ride and a big thank you from me Casey I’ll see you at Mugello.

Casey leading the pack. Well, not really, it's about the second lap and I just cropped Pedrosa out of the photo. 

It was a happy Simon that left the Assen TT circuit on Saturday afternoon.

So it was back to the camp ground for a repeat of Friday night. It was little quieter because some people had packed up and gone home, but not much quieter.

I have to say another huge thankyou to our Dutch crew. You guys are a bunch of fun and made the camping an event in itself. If any of you are ever in Perth you have a bed at our house, and I’ll supply the beer. Thanks guys.

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