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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cardiff. Home of Torchwood, a rift in time, Dr Who, and cocktails.


We jumped on the train into Cardiff to go and visit the home of Torchwood.

The Torchwood team's headquarters are here.
It's also known as the Wales Millennium Centre.

Then it was on to the Dr Who Experience. This is an interactive exhibition created by the BBC just for Dr Who geeks. Up until last week Suzanne had absolutely no interest in Dr Who, then our friend Carla converted her by making her watch about ten episodes in a row. Suzanne is now a fan.

The first thirty minutes was an interactive walk through starting with the Tardis. We travelled to other worlds and encountered some of The Doctors foes along the way. It was very well done with lots of action, noise, and special effects. Unfortunately no photos are allowed in this part of the tour.

Then we entered a two story display of props and costumes from the show. The whole thing was extremely well done and we spent about an hour and a half there while Leigh and Annmarie waited for us in a pub down the road.

The photos aren't that good as there was no flash photography allowed. You'll find better images and more info here;

My favourite Doctor, Tom Baker.

The original bad guys.

There had to be a dog in the blog right?
Remember K9?

Suzanne's favourite. Captain Jack.

We then braved the shops so Suzanne could buy some clothes for the cruise. After a couple of hours without a result we called it quits. There was one dress that Suzanne really liked, but they didn't have it in her size. The shop assistant said she'd check the other stores and give us a call back. We'll see.

It was feeding time for the animals so we found a very nice bar for pre dinner drinks.

Nice bar for dinner.

Oh, look! Two for one cocktails. Two cocktails for six and a half quid. We gave them a big nudge the decided to stay and have dinner. Burgers were on offer for two for ten quid. What a bargain. A big plate of starters and a good burger saw us all with full bellies.

I'm sure the cocktails weren't very strong as we were all OK on the way home. Suzanne insisted that the railway station was part of Torchwood and that she saw some aliens, but that is normal and has nothing to do with the alcohol consumed.

Strange Alien being seen at Cardiff railway station.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Jo is a nut case. We love her.

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