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Saturday, 1 September 2012

We visit Wye River, but his time in the Northern Hemisphere.


We had a couple of small suitcases to drop off at our hotel in Bristol. The plan is to spend a few days there so we can do a bit of shopping in preparation for he cruise. So we strapped the cases to the side of the bike and off we went. Along the way we rode across a pretty impressive bridge. It measured about four miles long! Then we rode back over a slightly smaller one.

The little bridge on our return from Bristol.

A shot of the biggun.

With that out of the way we pointed the bikes back toward Wales and the Wye River. Suzanne's parents used to have a holiday house in Wye River, Victoria so it was a must see for her.

We followed the Wye up to Tintern Abby,

Bit of a tidy up and you could move right in.

Then we wound our way along the beautiful roads before stopping for a drink at a pub on the banks of the river.

More perfect roads with Leigh leading the way.

 Wye River.

"Wye Pride" One of the tour boats that operate here.

On the way home we passed a sign that said "Abergavenny". I couldn't get that bloody song out of my head for days. Now it's back in there again.

Abergavenny. I'd heard of it in the song but never knew where it was. I do now though.

We rolled into Leigh's driveway around six o'clock. We'd had a really good day and covered around two hundred miles I guess. Leigh then outdid himself and cooked up a feed that was enjoyed by all. 

Tomorrow we head to Bristol. We'll miss Leigh and Annmarie, they are a couple of the nicest people on the planet. We'll also miss Floyd and Leo, Floyd is one of he coolest dogs I've ever met. Sniff, sniff.

Where's Rex's Buff?

Biggie the Bear was a favourite with everyone.

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