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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A bit of work and a bit of play. OK, a bit of work and a lot of play.

18 & 19/10/12


Paul, who we are staying with, has a project on the go that requires a bit of shifting stuff. I can't say too much but all shall become public knowledge very soon. We had some work planned for today but Paul managed to source a piece of equipment at a great price so we jumped in his van to go and pick it up. It was in Reading. Reading is about half way to bloody Bristol so I got to see the same old Motorway all over again. It was a very successful trip though and a very good result for Paul. We're all happy.


Juliet had invited a few friends around for a dinner party. By the time Friday night arrived, so had about fifteen people.

 A few of the guests in the lounge room.
Suzanne, Mike, Juliet, Amanda, Paul, Phillipa, Alex, Michael, Heather, Magda, Bart, and Nina. You can work out who is who. Everyone else was in the kitchen.

 I've been trying to catch this for years.
Me taking a photo of Paul taking a flash photo.

 Amanda looked like she enjoyed herself.

 Meet Mike. Some people say Mike is so similar to me (behaviour wise) that we should never be in the same room together. We hit it off immediately.

 One of our hosts, Paul.

 Our other host, Juliet, with Skittles that cat.

 Mike having a little rest. I call it recharging.

 This is Michael.
Michael is a driving instructor and I'm trying to convince him that he should travel to Australia to teach Paige to drive. We'll pay the airfare as it would be cheaper than lessons. Come on Michael, how about it?

Mike was recharged and ready to go.
Heather gets some lovin'.

It's surprising how many people you can fit into a small room, and how few people you need to have a great time. It was great to meet you all guys. See you again soon.

I'm planning our escape route. I'm thinking ferry to Calais, follow the coast of France down to Spain, then into Portugal, down to Gibraltar  and across to Morocco. It's got to be warmer there. If we're in Morocco we might as well take a look at the Sahara don't you think?

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