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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Planning and partying...


Now that Suzanne is back, and the bike had been serviced and is all freshened up, it's time for us to make a move and continue our journey.

Nordkapp and the Northern Lights is very appealing, but I am a bit concerned about riding a bike up to the Arctic Circle in winter. It's just doesn't seem to be the brightest idea in the world to me. I'm handling the temperature OK and not even feeling the cold on the bike, but Suzanne is freezing when the temperature drops below ten degrees. On the other hand it's the best time of year to view the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis). So, north, or south? I think Morocco will win out. 

It was Nick's last day in the UK today and now he's finished his classes he could relax and unwind. So Jo, Nick, and I drove into London to hook up with Bibi and have a quiet drink. Suzanne was tired and decided to give it a miss. Our quiet drink managed to last fourteen hours and covered a house, two bus rides, a pub, a club, and a takeaway.

Fourteen hours of partying with these guys takes it's toll on an old bloke like me. I think part of the problem is I'm easily led. In Perth you can't buy a double spirits in a pub. The bar staff flatly refuse to sell you a double because it's against the law and the fines if they get caught are horrendous. In the UK, they encourage you.The bar staff always ask "Do you want a double? It's only another 1.25 pounds". I can't resist a bargain, so...I got a lot of bargains during the night.

The first pub we went to...

..and outside Dogstar at closing time, about 4.30 am.

Needless to say it got quiet messy. Well I did anyway. Apologies to all those that I offended and upset (I'm sure there are quite a few). Jo was driving, so she remained sober the whole night, while Nick and Bibi were well behaved and paced themselves  The four of us managed to get home and into bed at about 5.30am. Not a bad effort I thought.

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