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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another old pub, and skiing in Hemel.


We had planned another sightseeing day today. Nina rocked up early afternoon and we headed off to the museum. We were a bit hungry so when we drove past a quaint little old pub called "The Three Horseshoes" in a place called Winkwell, we decided to stop for lunch.

The Three Horseshoes.

The canal alongside the pub. The canal boats would be great for a weeks holiday, just floating around the UK. 

This pub was built in 1535 and was another low ceiling job. Duck down low when you walk in the door or you'll have a headache that's worse than your hangover.

I had a good feed of delicious mushroom soup followed by pork sausages and mash. It was really good and only 10 quid. 

Bangers and mash.

The down side was we experienced British service at it's best. The waiter asked if everything was OK and Nina said "Well, now that you've asked, the potatoes are nearly raw." His reply was, "Oh, I'm sorry. Are they hot enough though?" No offer of a replacement, or cook it a bit longer, just "Are they hot enough?"  What the?

Anyway, it was very relaxing, and we were enjoying the conversation so we stayed for a while. When we decided to leave it was after four, so the museum visit was cancelled again. We'll go tomorrow...if we get there.

Because the museum was a no go, we made our way to the Hemel Indoor Ski Centre.

Yay! I'm in the snow.

It was really cool (-6 degrees, but no pun not intended) so we sat in the cafe, had a drink or two, and watched everyone skiing. It felt like we were at a ski resort on holidays. Fantastic. The only problem is that we all got the ski bug while we were there We are sitting down right now with Nina looking at ski holidays in Austria. It's actually quite cheap to go skiing in Austria for a week from here. Is it cheap enough?

I'll let you know. 

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