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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Cathedral, couple of pubs, and lots of questions.


The home renovations were put on hold today and we went sightseeing for the day. Nina picked us up and took us out for a bit of a look around Saint Albans.

We started with the Cathedral which is "This is the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain" according to the website. It was spectacular. The craftsmanship that has gone into this building is just amazing. The photos below were taken at about 3.30 pm, and it was really dark, so they are a little blurry. My hands aren't as steady as they used to be. Nina and I snuck through a few closed doors and had a look around some smaller back rooms and even found Alban's Shrine.

The thing that touched me was the prayer board. People write their prayers on little cards and pin them to the board. Written on one card, in very young handwriting, was "Please don't let mummy and daddy yell any more". Lump in throat time. 

 Walking up the hill toward the side of the Cathedral.

 The front is imposing.

 The services crack a well deserved mention.

 A small part of the organ.

 A little bit of carving.

 Nina wants to get married in here.
Watch out boys.

Alban's Shrine.

We then drove to the bottom of the hill to Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. This is the oldest pub in the UK and once had Oliver Cromwell stay for a night. It holds the title of oldest pub in the UK in the Guinness Book of Records and is recorded as being an 11th Century building on an 8th Century site. So we sat in front of an open fire and enjoyed a few drinks in a thousand year old pub. I did have to stoop when I walked to the bar, but apart from that it was great.

Outside Ye Olde Fighting Cocks earlier in the day.

Nice and warm.

I'm happy. I've found a pub that is older than I am.

An Olde Fighting Cock at the table.

Then it was back to Nina's for a bit of a feed and onto her local pub, which is only about fifty yards outside her back door. They were having a quiz night so we Aussies formed our own three person team and showed the poms just how much we didn't know. We failed dismally but had a lot of laughs while doing so.

Yes, four out of seven,
and that was one of our better rounds.

All in all a fun day. Thanks Nina. Tomorrow is another touristy day which will include a visit to the local museum.

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