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Friday, 23 November 2012

A Tardis, K9, and some stickers.


There was more sorting out of our gear today. It's pretty boring really. Now we're trying to find an economical way of send our excess gear home. Most companies want to charge more than the stuff is worth to send it to Australia, but a lot of it consists of souvenirs or sentimental things, so we want to keep it. Oh well, you play, you pay.

Later in the day we spent a bit more time packing Paul's home office things and delivering them to the new warehouse. It's surprising how quickly you can fill a large warehouse with the contents of only two rooms. Maybe the dining room is really a Tardis?

I didn't see one of these in Paul's office / the dining room,
but it could still possibly be a TARDIS.

Did you know that TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space? There you go. This blog is entertaining and educational at the same time.


Today I completed one of the most important tasks of the trip. I replaced the faded Australian flag stickers on the bike. You can laugh, but it's not just a matter of pride, it's a matter of safety. A lot of people think we are American when we speak to them. Once we explain we are actually from Australia they give us a much warmer reception. Sorry to my American friends, but it's nice to be known as an Aussie when you're travelling.

New Aussie flag stickers fitted.
Isn't it pretty?

Tomorrow we get to experience our Lemur Encounter at Paradise Zoo. I can see myself filling the role as King Julien XIII of Madagascar (ask your kids). I am soooooooooooo looking forward to this. I might try and catch a bit of video on the phone and upload it if the quality is half OK.

Hope it doesn't rain.

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