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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Preparing for leg two of our ride.


Yesterday Suzanne and I started our preparations for moving on in week or so. We spread out all our gear in Juliet's spare room and started sorting it into piles. One pile for what we will take on the bike, one to send home and an undecided pile. All this stuff combined filled a decent size room. 

Can we fit all this on the bike? No!

That's part of the problem we have encountered while travelling. We collect bits and pieces along the way, like brochures, maps, the odd souvenir, and we can't carry it all on the bike. We also have some clothes from our cruise that we won't need further down the track. Now here's the crunch. We have to look at each item and calculate whether it worth paying postage to send it home or not. For example it's just not sensible to pay good money to send home a pair of socks. Maybe I should just buy a trailer to tow behind the bike.

OK, it's late and I've been sorting through our stuff for most of the day. How did Suzanne manage to "acquire" so many clothes while we were travelling? I have a few extra T shirts that I bought to replace those horrible and expensive hiking gear shirts I bought before we left, but that's about it. There are quite a few goodies in there for Paige as well. ; ) No problem, it can all go in boxes and be sent home.

I haven't heard a peep from Suzanne all day, but I'm sure she'll be having a ball. I'll bet she's sitting at a table with Angie, Jo, and Nick painting and drinking right now.

I need to get organised and get the bike serviced before we go as well, and probably a new front tyre.

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