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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Secret Squirrel released.


OK, I can finally reveal all about the Secret Squirrel project.

Paul operates his business  Facade Body Art from home.

Paul distributes glitter tattoo and body art supplies and has recently taken on the distribution of Cameleon body paint. As you probably know houses in the UK aren't all that big, and operating a warehouse out of one is an exercise in balance and organisation. Paul has been doing well but with the growth in business since he took in Cameleon he is just running out of room, fast.

So, he has signed up a lease on a warehouse just down the road. When we were at the UK Body Painting Convention Paul and Juliet kindly offered for us to stay with them for a few nights. When we heard Paul was moving into a warehouse I thought that's great, I can be of some use for a couple of days helping Paul move.

I didn't know that Paul was moving into a bare warehouse. It's now four weeks later and we're nearly finished. We built, (and I mean constructed internal walls) a classroom for body painting lessons, an office, a kitchen, painted the lot, and transferred a hell of a lot of equipment and even more stock into the warehouse. All while the business was still operating. The furniture moving day with Mike was like an episode of The Three Stooges. I think we did a pretty good damn job even if I say so myself. Although I will add that as a carpenter, I make a good motorcyclist.

The shell of the classroom.

Nick Wolfe's class will be the first official class held here on Friday. 

The cladding goes up.

Late night dinner in the warehouse.

Paul and Simon work, while Juliet "supervises".

It's a big move for Paul and Juliet. Good luck guys, I hope your business keeps going from strength to strength.


What did I do today? - Not much, just a bit of finishing of painting in Paul's unit and Mike came over and hung some doors.

At around 8pm the Wolfe Pack arrived. The peace and quiet was shattered as Jo, Suzanne, and Nick came through the door. We demolished a very tasty spaghetti bolognese and then played Juliet's favourite game, Name In A Hat until, you guessed it, 2am.

Tomorrow Nick will hold his last class for this tour and I need to ride into London to get the bike serviced. It's a bit overdue so I hope they don't yell at me too loudly. Hopefully I'll meet Louis and have a coffee with him. Let's hope the traffic is a little better than my ride to the airport earlier in the week.

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