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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Suzanne finds a piper, but he wasn't pied.


More Secret Squirrel antics from me today so not much to report on that front.

I had a phone call from Suzanne the Gypsy in Scotland. She, Jo and Nick are having a great time and the classes are going off a treat. Last night they had dinner in an Aussie themed pub, then another party at Angie and John's house, so who knows what they got up to. (Shhhhhh! I do, but I can't tell.) 

Today they were in Portobello, Edinburgh and held a class in Frankenstein's pub. It's a fully monster themed pub and Nick is teaching his monster face painting, I think. So it's a perfect location. When I spoke to Suzanne they were just about to head across the road into a cemetery for a photo shoot. I'm sure the photos will show up on Facebook soon, and I'll post a couple here as soon as I can.

During the day Suzanne and Jo were doing the tourist tour of Edinburgh and heard a piper. Suzanne said she recognised the tune but couldn't place it. Then she realised it was a little tune called Advance Australia Fair, our national anthem. She tracked down the piper and...

Suzanne with Neil the piper.
(Nice boot laces Suzanne.)

When Suzanne asked if she could have a photo, Neil said "Of course Suzanne". Suze was a bit taken aback that firstly he was playing Advance Australia Fair, and secondly he knew her name. Take a look at Suzanne's top in the photo. The white rectangle is a sticky label with her name on it from Nick's class. Good one Suze. I'm sure being so close to Christmas Suzanne was looking for ten more pipers. (Think about it.)

I've just checked the Ace Cafe web site and found out that they have Bike Night next Friday night, and I'll be in London getting my bike serviced that day. I might just have to drop in for an orange juice of two on my way home. It's a Rockers and Classic night, but I'm sure they'll let in an Aussie BM rider, just this once.

Anyone want to meet me there?

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