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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Additional update. Dinner in Dijon.

11/12/12 - Part two.

OK, I just have to add this to the blog. We lucked out with the hotel and that was really good. Then we had to go and eat. As you can imagine, when it's this cold we don't want to walk too far, and suiting up to take the bike is a hassle. So I checked the web and found a restaurant across the other side if the roundabout outside our hotel. Excellent. The name of the restaurant was Stephane Derbord.

We went to take some photos of the Christmas decorations on the park in the roundabout and discovered that the restaurant was actually right next door to the hotel. We don't seem to be able to do a thing wrong at the moment.

The lights were stunning and the centre tree feature changed colours. Again, the use of clear or white lights gave it a real Christmassy feel.

Back to dinner. We went in, were shown to our table, presented with our menus, and offered an aperitif. We enjoyed a glass of Mumm Champagne then settled on the menu. Then the food began arriving at our table. It turned into a four hour meal consisting of seven courses, complete with a very nice bottle of French Chablis. Even the table water was Evian. Here's the menu..

Duck Foie Gras Cooked “Au Naturel”,
Preserved Lemon Brioche,
Pumpkin Macaroon, Squash Chutney
Tomatoes Stuffed with Burgundy Snails,
Warm Tomato Jelly, Parsley Emulsion
Whitefish Fillet Coated in Comté Cheese Breadcrumbs,
Boulangère Potatoes and Morteau Sausage,
Organic Herb Cream
The Saddle of Rabbit from Michel’s,
Dijon Mustard Jus, Soft Aubergine Cannelloni with
Spices and Mushrooms Purée Stuffing
Our Selection of Mature Well-Aged Cheeses
In a Glass:
Rasperries with Mascarpone and Coulis,
Marjoram Jelly, Light Cream and Sorbet
The Chocolate :
In a Brownie with Nuts, Guanaja Ganache,
Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream
The Blackcurrant with Gingerbread Sponge Cake,
Jam and Blackcurrant Sorbet

...and in between courses they presented tasting plates with a selection of delicious nibbles. There was actually so much food that both of us couldn't manage to finish a few of the courses. It was a superb meal and only beaten by our experience at Hotel Schlossvilla Miralago in Austria.

Here's a link to the web site.

I have to hand it to the French, they know how to prepare food. It was an exceptional way to finish our day.

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