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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fantastic news, I found something special.. 


I was ready to go today, but Suzanne's croaking, sniffling, and coughing told me otherwise.

We sat downstairs and caught up with some emails and paperwork. Can you believe that our daughter Paige hasn't received one single post card that we've sent, and we've sent about ten. Bloody hell! The poor kid probably thinks we've forgotten all about her. There's also a parcel from Wales that was sent over a month ago that hasn't shown up. It's a Predator mask that a good friend of ours made and I'll be bloody livid if that goes missing.

The good news is that we went out tonight for a quick drink and to do a supermarket shop for dinner and unlike U2,  I found something I've been looking for...

Yes, Kinder Pinguis. For those of you following the blog you'll know I discovered these in Slovenia when we were there in July, and I've been looking for them ever since. They are super deluxe. Tonight I found them in the fridge at the supermarket. Apparently they have to be kept in the fridge because they are all natural (no preservatives). I've been looking on the shelves all through Europe, but never in a fridge. As they might go off if not refrigerated, I only bought twenty. I can always get some more tomorrow morning.

So here I am lying on the bed next to my lovely wife, eating bread, meat, and cheese, drinking some very nice French wine, and anticipating my first Kinder Pingui in months. I'm a very lucky man.

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