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Monday, 10 December 2012

Luxembourg - Not much happens on Sunday when it's snowing.


We both woke up this morning feeling terrible. Headaches and aching all over. Hopefully it's only a twenty four hour thing. I'm glad we booked two nights here. What did make it a little better was seeing snowflakes floating down past our hotel room window, and everything outside covered in crisp, white snow.

Considering how cold we were yesterday I've spent a few hours this morning trying to find the warmest route to Spain. You know what? There isn't one. At least the temperatures are around three degrees, so that's bearable, and we will keep the distances low each day so we should manage OK.

The rough plan is to head South to Dijon tomorrow (Maximum 3 degrees), then down to Lyon (3 again) the next day, onto Montpelier (a sweltering 10 degrees) Wednesday, then down to Andorra on Thursday. It's a total of around eleven hundred kilometres, or just under three hundred kilometres per day. We can always stop earlier if we get too cold.

We'd reallly love to go to Montreux for Christmas, but it's just not practical with the temperatures there. I don't think we could do it. Riding in minus eight would be a huge challenge, and the icy roads would be way too dangerous. We could always fly there from somewhere else for a few days though... 

Oh no! Damn you Luxembourg TV. I'm in bed crook and an ad for Kinder Pinguis (THE best chocolates in the known universe) just appeared on TV...and all the shops are closed. What a way to finish an ordinary day.

We had a lie down at about 1 pm, and woke up about 9.30 pm feeling hungry. I'm guessing that's a good sign we are recovering. We found a restaurant still open at 10 pm and had a feed then headed back to the hotel and bed for an early start tomorrow. We're both feeling a lot better now, so hopefully tomorrow morning we will be back to normal.

We'll have a quick run around Luxembourg, then possibly pop over to a town called Shengen. Shengen sits on the borders of Luxembourg, Germany and France. I'm thinking that Suzanne the bike, and I can all be in one photo but in three different countries. 

We'll see how cold it is in the morning then decide.

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