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Saturday, 29 December 2012

A little bit of moto heaven in Andorra.


We sort of wanted to get going today but we're totally disorganised. We desperately need some laundry done, I need a hair cut, we have stuff to post home, and a heap of other little bits and pieces need attending to. So we'll nail this stuff and head off tomorrow.

First up the hair clippers got a work out and I now have a lot less grey hair than I did earlier n the morning. The it was downstairs for breakfast and we were greeted with huge hugs and kisses by Crazy cat Woman. She's a sweetheart. 

Then we were on the bike in search of a Laundromat. With no luck in Soldeu we headed into Andorra la Vella once again. We made the wise choice of re fitting all our thermal liners and it was a good move. The wind was coming off the snow and icy cold. The temperature hovered around two degrees most of the way into town.

I saw a motorcycle museum the other day so this time we stopped and took a look. The Museu De la Moto was only small but it held some real treasures. There were bikes I'd never heard of, and quite a few I've seen in books but never in the flesh.

Here's a small sample...

Entrance, left hand side. 

Entrance, centre. 

Entrance, right hand side. 

 1927 Bohmerland. Interesting no?

 1930 Majestic. Unusual streamlining.

 Very tidy Sanglass 400. This would look good in my shed.

I missed this one, but it was a very nice bit of gear. 

 Trials display.

 One for my vespa friends. A 1952 125. Sweet!

 DKW Wankel powered rotary.

 Ossa 500 twin two stroke. I knew they made a dirt bike with this motor, but never knew about this.

One of four of enduro legend Cyril Despres Dakar winning bikes. Cyril livs in Andorra. I might try and track him down to get some riding tips while we're here.

Honda XLV750. I always wanted one of these. Big fuel tank, shaft drive, 750cc V Twin motor. Honda Australia ignored this bike for years. When they eventually imported it the price had gone up by about 20%, and it was an ugly burgundy and gold colour. 

With that little side trip out of the way we made our way into Andorra la Vella. We rode around for about an hour with no luck so we stopped for lunch. While we were there Suzanne asked the waitress where there was a laundry in town.. No luck I'm afraid, only laundry services that will charge a bomb to wash a few items. Oh well, we'll be smelly for another day. At least it not hot and sweaty weather.

The sum total of today's activities was my haircut. Epic fail.

Tomorrow we must leave.

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