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Thursday, 20 December 2012

More feathers, but not much else.


More feathers! We cleaned up yesterday morning, then the room was serviced, and we still woke up to about twenty feathers floating around he floor today. They will haunt this town for months I think.

I checked the Australian vehicle import web site this morning and went into stress mode about importing my bike back into Australia. The way I read it, I can only import one bike every five years. I imported a Husqvarna from the US in February as a test run to see what extra costs were involved, so I may not be able to bring the BM home. I'm sitting on nails waiting for an email reply from the Department of Infrastructure.

We spent the day resting in our room and headed out for dinner around five just to find that pretty much everything was closed. Luckily I had devoured last night's leftover pizza so I was fine. Strolling around town we found this...

Hotel de Lacoste, built in the 1500 s and still standing.

We're going to go back and visit in the morning and have a good look around in the daylight.

We found somewhere open and Suzanne decided that she wasn't that hungry, so we just had few drinks instead, then went back to our room.

Our local.

When we got back I was astounded to find I had received a same day reply to my email to the Department of Infrastructure in Australia. It's all good news. The bike import is sorted and it's all OK. The Husky is a pre 1989 bike and I can import as many of those as I like. Turns out the BM being a 2010 model comes in under different scheme, and the one bike every five year rule. Whew! That's a relief.

Tomorrow's plan is to point the bike South and ride the 350 kilometres to Andorra. It's between Spain and Portugal if you're wondering  and is known as the most mountainous part of Western Europe. Sounds good to me.

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