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Thursday, 20 December 2012

More fine food and wine, with a little sightseeing thrown in for good measure.


OK, Suzanne has a bit of a head cold and isn't feeling well, so we'll stay here another day. We went out at about twelve to get something to eat and found just about everything closed. Being so close to Spain maybe they have adopted the siesta here? We walked around and did a little sightseeing...

First stop, Hotel du Lacoste.

Then just a random wander...

I made another friend.

We found the cafe where we watched the show the other night, and it was open. A very nice plate of lasagne, along with a  salad and we were happy. The owner remembered us and greeted us like locals. Then he was kind enough to shout us our drinks for lunch. 

Suzanne went back to the hotel and I wandered around town enjoying the old buildings and exploring a few second hand shops I found. Pezenas really is a nice little town. It's very quiet, but I'm guessing it livens up in the summer.

By seven we were both hungry and decided to find somewhere new for a feed. You guessed it, everything was closed. We returned to a restaurant near our hotel that was open, went in, sat down, and ordered some drinks. About halfway through our drink they started turning off lights. The restaurant was closed, and the bar was closing. We couldn't win a trick.

We made our way back to the historic quarter which is full of little restaurants - nothing was open.

Then we finally found a very little wine bar that served Tapas. We both love Tapas so we made our way in and found a table. What a little gem this place was. The guy was really good and explained the wines we were drinking, both of which are from the local area. Then he set about making some fresh Tapas for us and even went to the trouble of explaining the food to us. It was all delicious.

It was a very pleasant way to finish off our day.

Tomorrow we are definitely going to Andorra. Maybe. 

(Insert Suzanne here . . . . "Cough splutter sneeze. About tomorrows plan Simon, my sore throat has turned into a full blown cold and headache, so darling husband please check with me in the morning. If I just groan at you when it's time to get up, you best leave me be and change our plans" xx.)

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