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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Crazy neighbours in the hostel.


What a night. Apart from my back giving me grief, we had a crazy neighbour move into the room next to us at the hostel. First there were the noisy moving-in noises. You know, the lift, the suitcases being dragged, the door to the room opening and slamming closed, and so on. Did I mention it was three in the morning? Then it started. Yelling and carrying on like a pork chop, and it went on until six am complete with slamming doors, crashes, and god knows what else. No amount of swearing at them would shut them up. I fired up the computer and played music as loud as I could to try and drown them out, but it only just worked. Needless to say when we woke up again at ten am, we weren't going riding, and I was VERY grumpy.

We took advantage of our extra day in Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim Museum. Well, there's a few hours of my life I'll never get back. The building is interesting, being constructed with a lot of titanium, but aesthetically I think it rivals Perth's new sports centre in the ugly stakes. You couldn't call it nice by any stretch of the imagination.

Our moto friend Ivan said not to bother going in because the art on display was pretty ordinary. I think he used the word crap actually. Well, I think he was being kind. Let's start the whole what is art debate...

I have no problem with someone "creating" something to express their feelings etc. I do however have a problem when a gallery pays stupid amounts of money to buy something that really is a huge con job by an artist, and then charges me to go and look at it. Here are a few examples...


 Year eight art assignment.

 I couldn't even work out what this was until I saw the photo.

 I didn't mind this one. It has a cat in it.


Honestly, I've picked up things off my lawn that have fallen out of the back end of my dog that were more creative than this stuff.

OK, that's the end of the negative side of today's post.

On the way home we stopped in a little bar next to the hostel for a drink. By the way, we counted nine bars between our hostel and the corner of the street it's on. Suzanne had a glass of wine and I had a beer. Total bill? Two euros. Yes, two! That's almost as cheap as buying them at the supermarket.

We were both pretty tired after the previous night's carry on, so we had a little Nanna nap then headed out for a late dinner. We went to another little bar across the road and had  a feed of three large Tapas and three glasses of wine each. The bill this time was an outrageous, nine euros thirty! How can they do it so cheaply?

Then it was off to bed to enjoy a good night' sleep. We have a four hundred kilometre ride tomorrow to Salamanca so we need a good rest. Luckily tonight we have the whole floor of the hostel to ourselves.

To finish off here's a photo of a piece of art outside the Guggenheim that I really did like...

The springtime photos show it covered in bright, colourful flowers. I might put one in my front yard when I get home.

The girl on reception told us we'd love Salamanca. We'll see tomorrow...

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