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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cartagena. Moto mates, and a race track.


We went to bed reasonably early last night and set the alarm for seven am as our plan was to have breakfast with the boys, then head out to the track. We both woke up at four am and couldn't go back to sleep. At about six thirty we dozed off, only to be woken again by the alarm at seven. No way! It was back to sleep for a few hours. I stirred a few times, but it was still dark so I knew it was still early. Then I thought "No, this isn't right." and discovered there was a shutter on the window keeping out all the light. It was about ten thirty. D'oh!

After a quick get ready, we were on the bike and on our way to Cartagena race track to meet up with the boys. 

When we arrived we heard the funniest thing. John did the right thing last night and went to his room early, then decided to have a bath. Now the boys had had a very long day so they were pretty tired. John slid into his nice, hot, bath...and fell asleep. He woke up at midnight up to his neck in cold water. Brrrr.

The boys had already had a couple of sessions out on the track and were having a lot of fun. It was a pretty tight track so the speeds weren't that high, but there were plenty of corners making sure the tyres and riders got a good workout. Here are a few pics...

Erin winds up the Aprilia on the main straight.

Leigh was putting in good lap times,
despite being on an old GSXR750.

John was smooth and consistent.

The boys at play. Leigh chases John.

Erin looked very relaxed on his Aprilia.

Half way through the first day,
Leigh's tyres were looking well used.

John - "So I went round the outside of Leigh".
Leigh - "In your dreams".
Erin - "I'm quicker than both of you, and I'm not even trying".

But when it's all said and done, they're good mates,
and very happy.

Some people weren't as happy.

Ready to go again...

Me too.

Don't forget me.

Leigh leads Erin onto the main straight...

...and Erin is closely followed by John.

It was a low speed topple,
and the only damage was a bit of pride.

John on the gas.

Erin getting a knee down.

The brains trust...
"I think the key goes in here".

Focus. Or just a bit of bad timing on my behalf?

Aiden is the young guy in the photo above. He's only twelve years old, but is a very capable rider putting in some pretty good laps on a 125. He was there for he weekend with his dad who spins spanners for him. How awesome is that? A father and son away for a weekend in Spain playing motorcycles. Aiden races in the UK and this weekend was a practice weekend for him. His school sent a text to his dad saying "Aiden isn't at school today. Please explain". Dad sent a text back saying "He's in Spain with me, racing motorbikes." Who wouldn't want a dad like that? As dad said, if he was at home he'd be snowed in anyway, or the school would be closed. Aiden also had one of the best stickers I've ever seen on his bikes. It simply reads "Thanks Grandma". Is Aiden a future champion in the making? Who knows? Does it matter? I don't think so. Right now he's having a lot of fun and spending weekends away with his dad. That's priceless.

John contemplates the next session.

Before we knew it the day had finished as far as riding round in circles goes. The boys had worked very hard, and had a ball. It was time to head back to the hotel for a recovery session.

Suzanne spotted this on the way...

Second storey dog lookout post.

This guy was on top of a two storey building and when Suzanne first saw him he was leaning back on one elbow (do dogs have elbows?) watching the world go by.

Once we were back at the hotel we had a few drinks, including the word's largest bourbon and cokes, then headed out to a restaurant a few doors away.

Our crew enjoying a nice quiet meal.

While we were waiting for our entrée the owner came past and threw a big handful of sweet peas on the table for us. They were as sweet as and they went down a treat. Then the entrées came out, 

and they were very nice, but it was the main that I enjoyed most. I was presented with what was probably the best steak I have ever eaten. It was a superb, tasty Sirloin, and was cooked to perfection. I walked out of there a very happy man.

After a stroll back to the hotel the boys called it a night as they had another full day in store tomorrow. Suzanne and I promised we'd call out to the track on our way to Alicante in the morning and say our good byes.

See you at the track tomorrow guys.

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