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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The wind blew us north to Alicante.


There were very high winds again this morning and they were making lots of howling and whistling noises through the gaps around our windows. Suzanne went downstairs early and when she came back she suggested we might need to rethink today's ride. She had trouble walking it was so windy.

With that in mind we made a relaxed start to the day. We'd see what happened with the wind and make a decision later on. We were going to see the boys at the track, then continue on north for about an hour and a half to Alicante. Our friend Malena wouldn't be home until about five o'clock so there was no rush.

I had received an email from Tom Tom service advising me how to fix the issue of the Tom Tom and the headset not communicating so I sat down and (very nervously) went through the step by step instructions. The result? After testing in the hotel room, it worked! At the moment the sat nav is talking to the intercom again. I reserve judgement on the fix though because it decides all by itself if it wants to work or not.

A quick ride and we were at the track (we found it easily this time). The boys were a little subdued because the wind made riding very difficult, and then it started raining. They were umming and ahhing about calling it a day and going back to the hotel it was that bad. The sky was slowly clearing so Suzanne and I decided to brave the winds and hit the road so we left the Welsh Race team to ponder their options. It was great catching up with Leigh again, and meeting Erin and John just added to the fun. They're a great bunch of guys. I'm sure we'll see them again before we go home.

We wobbled off down the road in the wind and the rain and wondered if the boys got back out on the track after lunch, or were they going to end up in some seedy bar in town watching strippers. I just hope John doesn't drown in a bath.

It's funny what sort of things make you happy after travelling on a bike for six months. Both Suzanne and I were excited about the thought of having access to a washing machine when we got to Alicante. We could give our clothes a good wash. How sad is that? All our gear smells like camp fire smoke from the Pinguinos weekend, except our socks - I can't begin to describe what our socks smell like!!!!!!!!

One of our friends in Perth has hooked us up with her sister in Alicante, who had kindly offered to put us up for a night. We met up with Malena and Juan Manuel. What a wonderful couple of people. You sometimes hear the phrase "They couldn't help us enough" but with Malena and Juan Manuel it was so true. They welcomed us into their home like old friends, then Malena cooked up a storm for dinner. Is it possible to put on weight after only one meal? I felt like I had.

Say hello to our wonderful hosts,
Juan Manuel and Marlena. Thank you guys.

Suzanne was feeling the effects of lots of miles on the bike, and not enough sleep so she headed off to bed. I was about to follow, but then the Dakar report came on TV, so Juan Ma and I stayed up to watch it.

Malena and Juan Ma have kindly offered to be our Alicante tour guides tomorrow. We're looking forward to it.

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