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Monday, 4 February 2013

Malaga - The weather is perfect, we're going sightseeing.


Wow! We realised today the we have been in Spain for four weeks. Anyone would think we like it here.

We opened the window today and were greeted by perfect weather, at last. I've been wearing a pair of Craghoppers brand lined pants for months (one of the best buys of the trip, warm and oh so comfortable) but today I broke out the unlined pants and a short sleeved shirt. Yahoo!

Suzanne decided to wear this sign she found in the room. I wonder if that's a hint?

Subtle hint?

On our way to the Picasso Museum we had a breakfast consisting of, wait for it...Churros and chocolate. The churros were superb, and the chocolate was delicious. Here's our version of how to eat churros. Usually step one and two are reversed by the locals:

Step 1: Break off a piece of churro,
and dip it in the hot chocolate.

Step 2: Dip the churro in sugar.

Step 3: Eat.

Step 4: Drink the hot chocolate.

We waddled away from breakfast and found ourselves on the main shopping strip. The shops here are fantastic. Full of all sorts of goodies at prices that are very tempting. A quick visit to the Desigual shop was a fail, as we came out empty handed. Then we came across a really cool little toy shop, and look what I found...

...a little electric Rossi replica Ducati Moto GP bike,
only 349 euros. I so wanted it...

...and this little Vespa replica.
(With training wheels Wanda)

Then it was time to eat again. I can't believe how much we have to eat to keep our energy up. Well, that's my excuse. We walked past a cafe and the waiter very politely invited us in by telling Suzanne they had soup. After devouring a large two course lunch, we were discussing how we could see a cat in the logo printed on a snack packet n the table. Then we could see two cats.

Then I saw the name of the restaurant,
Dos Gattos...or, Two Cats. What can I say?

As we continued on our wander we met a couple of motorcycle riding coppers and I asked them about all the motos riding in the bus / taxi lanes. They said "No, it is not allowed, but the police don't worry unless you are being dangerous." So the bottom line is it's not allowed, but if you do it, no one cares. Brilliant. Then we had a bit of a chat and they gave us a few pointers on good places to see. Like El Pimpi. They said we had to go and have a glass of wine there.

Well we were both brought up to obey policeman, so off we went. We sat outside and enjoyed our wine, wondering why it was supposed to be so special. 

Suzanne saying "Look, my new Desigual top
matches the flowers."

Then Suzanne trotted off to the ladies and came back saying "You have to come inside", so in we went.

El Pimpi has been a part of Malaga for decades and is THE place to go. There were signed photos of plenty of famous people on the walls, and wine barrels that had also been signed.

The wall of fame included the likes of Suzanne's favourite, Sean Connery and many, many more.

Placido Domingo.

Puss in boots, El Gato Con Botas,
Antonio Banderas.

It was an uber cool place, but had a really nice, relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff. We enjoyed it a lot.

By the time we left it was too late to visit the Picasso Museum as we had to meet Suzanne's painty friend, so Mr Picasso will have to wait til tomorrow. 

On our way back to the hotel we found a tiny, little clothing shop chock full of really nice stuff, so Suzanne scored a few much needed tops to replace the ones she's been wearing for the last six months. It will be nice to see her in something different.

We met up with Pat (the face painter) and Daniel her partner in the hotel bar. What a lovely pair of people. Pat is a real laugh and Daniel and I have a few things in common. It was a fun night with lots of face painting discussion and laughs. Pat told us (as did Malena in Alicante) that Carnival is on this weekend and next weekend, so we've decided to trip down to Morocco, then head back up to Malaga for next weekends Carnival festivities. Thanks for a great night guys, we'll see you next weekend.

We are certainly living up to our friend Tony's Wrong Way Round name for trip by back tracking a lot. Tomorrow we will visit The Picasso Museum.

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