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Friday, 1 February 2013

We visit The Alhambra, in Granada, Spain.


There's not a lot to tell today, but it was a very full day. How is that possible?

A few people have told us that one of the must see things in Granada is the Alhambra. So today we went for a visit. You can read up on the history of The Alhambra here:

It was an amazing place and the number of hours that went into building it must have been staggering. Here are a few of the hundreds of photos we took.

Suzanne patting a baby Dalek.

Our photos don't do this place justice at all. It was stunning to see how much work had gone into building it. 

So you thought today's blog wouldn't have any animal photos didn't you...

Hello blue eyes. This guy was asleep in the garden, 
and came running out for a pat when he saw Suzanne.

After all our walking around the Alhambra we were both physically and mentally tired. We needed sustenance, so we headed back to the little restaurant we discovered when we arrived. It was soup time again, this time seafood, followed buy a plate of fried seafood. Yes it was deluxe.

As we try to fit in with the locals wherever we go we did the right thing and went back to our hotel for a siesta. It must have been a hard day as we didn't wake up til about ten pm, and by then neither of us wanted to go out for dinner. We probably didn't need it anyway. 

In the morning we're on the bike again and off to Malaga, and we'll meet up with another of Suzanne's painty friends. That should be fun.

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