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Thursday, 21 March 2013

A surprise visitor in Faro, Portugal.

Sunday 17/3/13

That damn altitude sickness got me again this morning. I just don't understand why I feel so bad in the mornings, but come good as the day goes on.

Suzanne and I walked down to the local supermarket in the rain to do a little shopping for some food supplies. We needed a good bacon and egg breakfast. Suzanne cooked up a storm and it went down a treat. Then we just hung around the club house for the day relaxing.

We both decided that we'd be anti social, stay upstairs and have an early night. The last few days have taken their toll. We're not eighteen any more.

Then we received a visitor. Meet Farense.

A dog with three hundred plus owners.

Farense was a puppy that was dumped at the petrol station next door to the club house and the club has adopted him. He's now about ten months old. It's probably the best thing that could ever happen to a dog. He has over three hundred owners who all play with him when they visit the club (he does have a few favourites) and they look after him very well. He enjoys a great life. 

Tonight he decided to come up to our room and play. He jumped straight up on the bed and proceeded to play bite the foot, a favourite dog game. 

Playing bite the foot.

 He loves people...

It was very funny, but he does bite a bit hard sometimes. He hung around for a while, scrounged unsuccessfully for some food, then left as quickly as he'd arrived. He's a very independent dog and knows his own mind.

Tomorrow we'll look at getting the bike serviced ASAP then moving on. It would be very easy to stay here. It's a great place, and the people are wonderful, but we really want to see more of Portugal...

...and I've had some good tips for great riding roads heading north.

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