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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Another huge lunch in Faro, Portugal.

Thursday 28/3/13

So the plan today was to get up at eight am, Suzanne would cut my hair, then we would finish our preparations for our departure tomorrow morning. All we'd have to do on Friday morning was wash our bedding and towels and once they are dry, put them away and bolt.

I did say that "was" the plan.

I woke up at eight am OK, but had a horrible headache. No, it wasn't altitude sickness again, I must have slept with my neck crooked, or Suzanne beat me with a big stick while I was asleep. Suzanne fed me a Panadol and I went back to sleep, only to wake up at eleven thirty! Half the day was wasted. At least my headache was gone.

Suzanne got out the clippers and gave me a quick trim, then we rode into town to meet up with Frank and Lisa for lunch.

They took us to a different restaurant today. Sabores do Churrasco. This place had a big buffet with a large selection of vegetables (I remember them) which was help yourself. Then the waiter came around and served our meat at the table. He presented a long skewer packed with meat that had been rotating over a grill and proceeded to carve thin slices of meat onto our plates. There was a huge range of meats which were all very nice but my favourite was the chicken stuffed with cheese. Drool.

A small sample of the meat presented to us.

Lisa and i both avoiding the very, very, sharp knife the waiter was using.

More about Sabores do Churrasco can be found here:

OK, here's a side note. I bought a belt in France way before Christmas and it was a little large so the assistant put an extra hole in it for me, so I had a spare. I got down to that hole pretty quickly so I had two more put in when we were in Seville. Now I'm down to the last hole again. Either the belt is stretching or I'm losing weight. Explain that to me. I'm eating lots of horrendously fattening food every day and drinking way too much beer, bourbon, and coke...and I'm losing weight. The new Euro diet.

All the food was delicious and every time we finished a serve of meat the waiter came back with another serve. Yes, it was all you can eat meat. Desert consisted of roasted pineapple sprinkled with cinnamon. Yes, a pineapple was roasted on a rotisserie and sliced and served at the table. That was new to us. I'm not a big fan of pineapple, but this was perfect and not too sweet. We finished off with a shot of local fire water. We didn't need dinner back at the club I can tell you.

After lunch it was back to Frank and Lisa's hotel for a quick drink where the guys presented us with some gifts, which was very kind. Once again I had a sore jaw from laughing so much. Thank you again guys. It was an absolute pleasure, and a lot of fun meeting you.

We arrived back at the club at around six pm. Yes, we'd had a five hour lunch! Suzanne crashed in bed and I spent an hour or so planning our route north through Portugal. Looking at the number of places we have to see, and going by our current progress, we should be out of Portugal by about 2016. Oh well, this trip was never about covering as many kilometres as we could, or even about visiting as many countries as we could. It is about wandering around and getting to know places and people. We've achieved that.

Our new plan is tomorrow we will do what we should have done today. Then we'll head north on Saturday...


We have a huge number of Portuguese people reading the blog each day at the moment. We intend riding to the northern border of Portugal with many stops along the way. If anyone would like to meet up for a beer or coffee along the way, please email us at

We love meeting new people.

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