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Monday, 4 March 2013

Rest, recovery, warmth, and comfort in Midelt, Morocco.

Tuesday 26/2/13

We both slept like babies last night, but I still woke up at about six am. I went downstairs to grab some breakfast and realised that my body was aching all over. Every one of my muscles had decided to inflict pain upon me. I guess yesterday I was fighting the bike more than I realised at the time. I think I've pulled a muscle, or nerve, or something in my leg because my right foot is a bit floppy and slaps the ground as I walk. I must look a real sight.

I sat and spent some time catching up with the blog, then had breakfast with Olivier. Thierry was still in bed asleep. Suzanne was still stacking up Zs as well, so I went and checked out the bikes headlight. Sure enough it was a blown bulb. A slow walk to the service station stretched my muscles but proved fruitless as far as a bulb was concerned. It also proved that my muscles were really sore and I should have ridden there instead.

The rest of the morning was spent sitting by the open fire and blogging until Olivier and Thierry came down to check out. Suzanne was up and we saw them off on the next leg of their trip.

Olivier, Suzanne, and Thierry. It was nice meeting you guys.
Hopefully our paths will cross again further down the road.

With what remained of he day we just relaxed, spent some more time blogging, and lazed around the hotel until dinner. We backed up dinner with another early night. It was a pretty uneventful day. Which suited us fine.

Tomorrow we'll take a relaxing ride north, sticking to the sealed roads all the way. We're not too sure where we are going yet. We want to end up in Tangier to catch a ferry back to Spain, so we'll just mosey along, take a few days to get there I think.

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