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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

We clean up in Seville.

Friday 8/3/13

Last night was much quieter, or I just didn't notice the noise as much. This morning I was a man on a mission. I couldn't stand the smell any more, so I searched the web for a coin laundry. Luckily there was one only about fifteen minutes ride away. It also incorporated a service station and a cafe, and offered free WiFi. So off we went.

Here we had reinforced a another couple of reasons we love Spain. We rolled into the service station and were met by a Repsol poster featuring Nicky Hayden on his Repsol HRC Honda.

Huge Nicky Hayden Repsol poster.

Reason number one: Motorcycles are used in advertising, and they're not all Harley "Bad Boy" type ads.

Where shall we park?

Right outside the door of course.

Reason number two: You can pretty much park where ever you like. Come to think of it, you can pretty much ride where ever you like as well. No one cares. They accept motorcycles and scooters as a beneficial way of easing traffic congestion and encourage them in any way they can. They even have a motorcycle "box" at the front of the traffic lights so after you filter through the cars you have somewhere clear to wait for the lights to go green.

We managed to remove the dirt from our clothes, along with most of the smell. Yeeechhh!!!!! Then we fuelled up the bike and it was back through the narrow streets to the hotel for our daily exploration walk.

The streets really are very narrow.

Our first stop was a small (Tiny) museum that covered the history of the Jewish quarter in Seville. A young girl gave us a thorough run down on the history of the area and was interesting. I don't think it was worth the six euros (each) they charged us to get in though.

We did learn a bit about Susona, who was around during the Spanish Inquisition. (Yes, I know, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.) There is a little bit of info here:

Susona. They're everywhere.

I definitely wouldn't have wanted one of these,
but I'm pretty sure I would have gotten one
if I was around in those times.. 

Later on that night we felt like something a little different for dinner, so we found a Mexican restaurant...and it was deluxe.

This was the place, Iguanas Ranas.

Decor was OK, for a Mexican restaurant in Spain...

... but the Margaritas were the best
Suzanne has ever tasted...

...and the food was pretty close behind.

We left Iguanas Ranas Cantina a very happy couple. Would we recommend it? Oh yeah!

We banged of a few photos of the cathedral on the way home. 

Obviously we had to stop for a night cap on the way home. Here we met a very funny dog. You didn't think you'd get through today's blog without a dog story did you? We were sitting having a chat when we saw a rather "round" dog running toward us, with, wait for it, a rubber chicken in her mouth.

Waiting for me to throw the chicken.

I had to get up and play with her. It turns out that (I feel really bad because I can't remember her name) she has a thyroid problem. How many of you use that excuse? She's only six, is really active, and LOVES it when you throw her rubber chicken for her. So we played for a while, until her owner got bored and wanted to go home.

For us it was that was the sign that it was time we went home as well. It was the perfect end to a pretty good day.

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