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Friday, 15 March 2013

We dig a little deeper in Seville.

Saturday 9/3/13

This morning we set off to discover more of Seville, and wore a fair bit of our shoe soles out at the same time. It was a big walk.

Right around the corner from the hotel we discovered an army surplus store. I love digging around in these places as you never know what you'll find. It was Suzanne that did the finding. She found a UK desert cam jacket that she had to have.

I guess I can borrow it on the odd occasion.

Our next discovery was a nice little statue in one of the many plazas we walked through.

From the City of Seville to honour Clara Campoamor.

Clara Campoamor fought for women's rights in Spain in the early 1900s. She must have done some good because she's well known in Spain.

The plazas were all very busy today with large crowds gathering outside the cafes and bars. It's all very social here in Spain, I don't think anyone stays home. Of course with all these people, there are bound to be dogs as well.

This poor little guy just had an operation.
Look how small he is.

Elaborate pigeon holder.

Ceramic tiles feature prominently here.
We'd take a heap home if they weren't so heavy.

It was time for breakfast / lunch. We decided we needed a fix of Churros and chocolate again and found a cafe that specialises in Churros.

Our Churros were made in front of our eyes.

The boys whipped up a batch just for us, so you don't get much more fresh than that. They were as light as, delicious, and went down a treat.

The next sculpture took us by surprise.

Then it was on to the two year old Metrapol Parasol. Not a bad investment. 123 million euros from a country in financial bother. It looks good, and provides a lot of shade, but, really?

The Metrapol Parasol...

....the largest wooden sculpture in the world.

We'd had a full day, but could squeeze in just one more dog on the way home. If this little fella was any more excited he would have wriggled right out of his skin.

Big kisses for Suzanne.

Then a pose for the camera.

It was a pretty long day and we had a lot of fun. It was time for a feed and this of course was accompanied by a pre dinner drink.

This is what you get when you order a Jack Daniels and Coke here. A wee dram.

It was a good day. We'd enjoyed a long walk, made a few discoveries along the way, Suzanne scored a new jacket, and we made some new doggy friends. Not a bad day at all.

Tomorrow we'll up the ante and visit the weekly pet market. How many dogs will we find there?

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