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Saturday, 4 May 2013

We leave Pezenas and go further north.

Tuesday 30/4/13

It was another dreary, grey, wet day as we loaded up the bike to leave Pezenas this morning. At least we were fully equipped with our warm and dry gear today, and we had clean socks and jocks as well thanks to Cyril's girlfriend. Thank you Cyril's girlfriend. We said good buy to Cyril and hit the back roads again.

The back road travel serves two purposes. Firstly, it's usually much more enjoyable riding. The roads are better, and the villages are interesting. It adds time to the trip but that doesn't matter. Secondly, it's cheaper. The tolls on the motorways are EXPENSIVE. The back road routes are quite often shorter as well, and with much lower riding speeds we save fuel, and therefore, money. So off we went.

The villages today turned up some gems like...

Elaborate statues.

Little side streets.

Today provided something a little different. The village crazy man. We rode past his house and saw the "decorations" so we turned around to have a better look and to take a few photos.

As we were looking at his display, crazy man came to the large, locked gate with a loud hailer and made siren noises at us. He then yelled at us a few times, made a few more siren noises, then walked away laughing. What the?

We rode on and found some interesting signage for a local butcher's shop.

 Butcher's shop, or pet shop?

Today's pig, tomorrows pork.

There were a lot of tree lined roads out in the middle of nowhere in agricultural areas.

We rode until we were tired and that happened to be near Montelimar. We found an Ibis Budget and checked in. It was an interesting room, it didn't have a bathroom. The toilet and shower were in little cubicles, and the hand basin was out in the open in the room. It was a bit weird stepping out of he shower straight into the bedroom. Strange.

In keeping with our new austerity measures, we hit the supermarket and bought our dinner. A roast chicken that should provide lunch tomorrow as well. Oh, and a bottle of wine of course.

Outside the supermarket we found this cool little Beta 50.


Our plan tomorrow is to run away from the cold and the mountains. Yes, we're going to Switzerland.

That should work.

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