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Friday, 3 May 2013

A bit of a look around Collioure, France.

Saturday 27/4/13

Welcome to France in spring time. Welcome to Collioure. Rain, rain, rain, heavy rain, clouds, wind, and freezing cold temperatures. I think those pesky little Pyrenees mountains have something to do with it. Can we go back to Spain now?

We stayed huddled up in our room, nice and warm for a lot of the morning before making the most of a break in the rain, braving the cold, and heading out.

 Collioure is the home of the French Commandos. This is their luxury accommodation.

 Everywhere we go the buildings are amazing. How are we going to cope when we go home and nothing there is more than 200 years old?

Just your usual, run of the mill, European scene.

It was a bit too cold for a swim.

Suzanne has a real soft spot for Wisteria. This one was outside our hotel.

Little side streets packed with shops and galleries full of interesting art.

We walked past one gallery that was tended by a "lovely, little old lady". You know, the grandma in the movies type. Boy, what a salesperson. She was onto us as we walked past the door. Once we were inside she hit us with all the sales techniques. Then offered to freight anything home for free for us, and we could pay it off over four months. I did like one piece, but wouldn't pay seven thousand euros for it. Six and a half maybe, but not seven.

After wandering around for a while we visited the local supermarket and restocked our very important Kinder Pingui supplies. Then made our way to a cafe for a crepe. It was a cool cafe with a bus cut in half long ways and installed inside. The rest of the cafe was decorated to suit. 

What time does the next bus leave?

We had a chat with young guy working there who loves travelling and has been to Australia and his next trip will be to South America. Maybe I'll see him there?

We're really running low on funds now so we're not sure which way to go from here. The smart thing to do is head straight back to the UK and wait our time out there until we fly home. But ... we have been invited to visit Switzerland and see the Large Hadrom Collider by Michael who works there. Hmmm, decisions, decisions...

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