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Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Thursday 25/4/13

Firstly, and most importantly today "Lest we forget" all those who gave, and still give, so much so we can enjoy the wonderful way of life we have in Australia. Don't forget people, and don't let our quality lifestyle be eroded.

Today was Suzanne's day. Our priority was a visit to Salvador Dali's house, which is now a museum in Port Lligat. We'd been here a couple of years ago, but Suzanne enjoyed it so much I thought we just had to come back again.

We enjoyed a lazy breakfast at the hotel and caught up with Michael and Pam again. I hope they don't think we we're stalking them. Then after checkout we endured the long ride to Port Lligat. All ten minutes of it, and that was only because we took the long way.

The road was a let down after the ride into Cadaqes.

It was a bit gloomy and trying very hard to rain, so a short ride was good. We wandered around waiting for our allocated time to go into the museum. If you want to go here you MUST buy tickets before you go or you will miss out. We lucked out and scored the last two available tickets for today.

The port is tiny so there's not a lot to see. I guess that's why Dali liked it.

Once again fishing provides a life for the people here.

To paraphrase Casey Stoner, "I think his ambition outweighed his ability" naming this.

Then it was time to go in. We have hundreds of photos from our last visit so we could relax and take it all in this time. I'll only post a few photos from this visit.

 The entry hall. Welcome?

Suzanne's favourite photo from our last visit was one of Dali's brushes in a jar. Suzanne's mum Marie painted an oil painting from the photo and it has a very special place in Suzanne's heart.

We'll check this against Marie's painting when we get home, just to make sure they haven't moved anything.

A snail clock from Tiffany's New York.

We enjoyed our Dali house visit, but it was time to get going. We had to get to Pubol so we could visit Castell Gala Dali, Dali's other house, tomorrow.

Just because we haven't had enough of mountains this trip, we rode to the top of the hills in Cap de Creus.

Pretty windy and harsh up here. I think it would be exciting in winter.

Then it was back onto the mountain road out of Cadaques...

The things I go through for Suzanne.

 ..and onto the back roads again. We rode through a lot of little villages on our way and knowing it was ANZAC Day, Mother Nature put on a display just for us. There were poppies everywhere.


We were now a bit peckish so we stopped in at a small cafe for lunch where we were served by a very happy, smiling young lady. When I asked if she spoke English, she replied: "No, sorry, I don't." "But you just did" I said. Anyway, after a few laughs and some very broken Spanish we ended up with two very large, very tasty ham and cheese rolls, a coffee, a juice, and a deluxe block of dark chocolate with nuts (for later). All of this set us back eleven euros. I love little country towns.

Service with a big smile, and a bargain lunch.

About an hour later we rolled into Pubol. Take a few things out of these photos and they could have been taken hundreds of years ago.

I didn't think this visit through. Pubol is so small it doesn't have a hotel. No problem, Girona is only thirty minutes up the road. We'll stay there tonight.

Not much later we were in our room at a cheap and cheerful Ibis Budget. All we needed was a shower and a bed for the night, and both were very good.

Tomorrow we'll spend some time at Castell Gala Dali, then we will leave Spain behind for France.

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