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Sunday, 12 May 2013

To Emmenbrucke, the other side of Switzerland.

Saturday 4/5/13

It was a very slow start to the day today. I think Michael's comment was something about antimatter. I prefer to call it altitude sickness. Our early start turned into a eleven am start.

We took a quick spin around Geneve so Suzanne could see a few of the sights.

 There were a lot of very nice toys in the marina.

Suzanne spied this on the side of a building.

We needed to fuel up, and I spotted a small petrol station full of cool cars, including this Ferrari...

The guy there spoke no English, but from what I could gather I think this is the story. A couple of ex Ferrari technicians build these cars. It's a late model chassis, with an early style body bolted on. Sort of a very expensive kit car. This one was for sale for 590,000 euros, but that is about a fifth of the price of a real one of this model, if you could find one.

I would have bought it, but it was starting to rain, and as the car didn't have a roof...

Dragging myself out of my fantasy land, we jumped on the bike and made our way towards Emmenbruke and our friend Werner. Due to our very late start we stuck to the motorways today to cover some ground quickly. Unfortunately our late departure also meant that we couldn't visit Yvan in Montreux, or Patrice in Berne. Sorry guys, we would have loved to have caught up with you again. Next time. We promise.

Clouds, mountains, and snow.

Looks like we might get wet.

We were lucky and the weather held off from dumping rain on us, so it was a good ride. As we got close to Werner's this was on the side of the road.

There were lots of newer planes in the hangars.

We finally rolled into Werner's street around five o'clock. Werner had been watching our progress on the Spot Tracker and was waiting out the front to greet us. His apartment is right next door to a church, and they were ringing those bells with a passion to herald our arrival. They were loud too.

Werner showed us to his apartment which he has kindly offered to us to use during our stay here. Werner is so nice he had already stocked the cupboards and there was a bottle of Suzanne's favourite wine in the fridge. He is a gem. Once we had settled in we went for a short walk around Emmenbruke the down to the local Turkish shop for dinner.

Tomorrow Werner will take me for a tour around Luzern and some of his favourite roads in the surrounding mountains. I'm looking forward to that.

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