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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Our bike is heading for a new home.


After a little holiday and a rest in Wales, our mighty BMW has been sold and is heading off on a sea voyage to it's new owner Max, who lives in Paraguay. The bike is very lucky and has had a nice comfortable, and safe, custom crate built for the trip.

Strapped down safe and sound...

...then wrapped up...

...the box is built...

...and sealed up for the trip.

I owe a huge thank you to my mates Leigh, Aidan, and Erin (you remember them from our side trip to Cartagena in Spain) for all their efforts in taking care of the logistics at the Wales end. It was no simple thing to make all this happen, so thank you gentlemen. The pints are on me next time we meet. Yes, I know it will be very expensive.

I'm not sure how long it will be before the BM will roll it's wheels on South American soil but I'm sure it's looking forward to stretching it's legs again. Max plans to ride the BM to Brazil next year for the World Cup. I'm still very sad that we couldn't bring the bike home, but I'm glad it's going to a new owner who will use it as intended. Enjoy "your" new bike Max, I know you'll take good care of it.

I'm also pretty happy that I now have my first contact in South America as touring there is still on my bucket list. We will meet up and ride together one day Max.☺

At home things are pretty quiet. I've spent the last three weeks filling in for a friend at a bike shop while he was on holidays and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe I should get back into retail? I'm still looking for a full time job. A few things have been offered but I don't think it's fair to an employer to just take on a role as a fill in until I find the job I really want.

In the meantime I'm getting sooky, reading about the Moto Clube Faro concentracion last week, and catching up on moto friend's blogs who are still travelling, and enjoying the amazing weather in Europe.

I really do miss being on the road.

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  1. Hello Simon and Suzanne, it's been fun reading (parts) of your blog !! What a magnificent voyage you guys have had... and pity these things have to end... Once you start travelling, it's difficult to hang up the helmet... So glad that you had the opportunity to do this, especially on a BMW like yours... I can imagine just how difficult it was to sell her, but all good things have to come to an end... or do they ? It's been years since Ive seen you guys, and often though of you over the years, and so glad to finally catch up... Take care... Kind Regards, Barry Johnston