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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Back to Deviot, our last night in Tassie.


The threat of storms and heavy rain made us change our plans this morning. Instead of a five hour ride up the east coast back to Deviot, we'd run straight up the Midland Highway through the middle of Tasmania and be home in a few hours.

We've been incredibly lucky weather wise this trip but every day can't be perfect. As we left Hobart under a covering of dark grey skies the drizzling rain was just enough to be annoying, and cover our visors messing up our vision. It was also a chilly start, in fact as we rode past one waterway the ducks were just floating around with their heads turned around and their bills tucked in under their wings.

About an hour down the road three of us realised we were riding by ourselves. Somehow our group had split in two and we were the lost trio. A little bit of Google Mapping and we were back on track. We caught up and regrouped in Ross and took the opportunity to grab a bite and a coffee.

Ross is full of history and some wonderful old buildings.

We had managed to avoid any real rain so far and now the cloud was starting to break up. A quick check of the weather satellite showed we were just to the west of all the bad weather. Our luck was holding out.

Dave decided we'd make a small gravel road detour which ran through some farm land. I was amazed by the number of sheep in the paddocks, and the incredible number of lambs as well. I've never anything like it. I suppose when there is this much grass available you can fill the paddocks. In was you see about five sheep per acre, sharing one blade of grass.

I counted so many sheep I started nodding off.

Half way along the gravel we realised we'd lost three of our pack, again. Jan checked her phone, and sure enough she had  a message saying Uncle R, Rex, and Mark had turned around and headed back to the sealed road. They weren't that keen on the gravel. I can see some off road training in their future when we get home.

Uncle R and Sandy enjoying the gravel road. Not!

The clouds threatened us all day,

but the rain never eventuated.

Even though we stuck mainly to the highway it was still a good ride along a nice flowing road, and the scenery interesting.

We met up again at the local supermarket for supplies and were rewarded with a chance meeting with another Rex.

Rex the second.

Ten minutes later, loaded with supplies for the night's dinner, we were riding down the driveway into Jan and Dave's. It's such a lovely place I felt like I had come home. This little guy welcomed us...

Rex played chef tonight and cooked up a feed of crispy skinned Tasmanian salmon, and it was as good as anything you would find in a restaurant. Ten out of ten Rexy.

Tomorrow will see us roll our wheels on Tasmanian soil for the last day as we're back on the ferry to the mainland tomorrow night.

After our brilliant week here, I'm not sure if I'm happy about that.

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