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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another sunrise. This time over Melbourne.


It was a rough old ferry trip across the straight last night. The seas were pretty exciting and I was woken up more that once by the sound of people throwing up, very loudly. I was actually rolled from side to side in my seat quite a lot and this was followed by a thunderous boom a couple of times. Maybe a wave hitting the boat? I don't know, but it was bloody loud.

Unbelievably, at four am, I was woken up by the same four bloody women talking again. Really? At four in the morning? I got up, put my riding gear on, and went to find somewhere quiet to spend the next three hours. On the way out I "may" have suggested "all so subtly" that they should be quiet while the other hundred or so people in the lounge were trying to sleep. I hope the got the message as I was soooo polite. I did hear a few "Well said mate" remarks on the way out.

The bonus from being up so early was a had the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise over Melbourne.

The disembarkation signal was given at around seven so off we went. I was happy to see all of our bikes upright when we entered the garage deck. After last night's seas I was a little concerned.

Unfortunately we had to part ways with Mark this morning. As we rode off the ferry Mark pointed his bike west for the long, solo, ride home and back to work. He will be missed, and I have to take on the responsibility of chief snorer. I'll do my best Mark.

We remaining Four Mototeers braved Melbourne's peak hour traffic and weaved our way to the hotel. After a week on Tassie roads is was bloody awful being back in traffic.

Once we had settled in we did a quick look at a few Melbourne bike shops then the boys went sight seeing while I took off to another in-law get together. It was really good to catch up with everyone and get all the family news updates since we last saw each other, and to see how much all the kids have grown. I reckon I'll be the shortest one in the family soon. Unfortunately, as I have a habit of doing, once I get chatting with friends I forget all about taking photos. I didn't take one photo all night. Bad Simon!

I finished the night off by getting totally disoriented back in the city and riding around for about an hour trying to find the hotel. After a bit of cursing and swearing, I was happy to park the bike on the footpath outside the front door.

It had been a long, but fun day.

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  1. I found your blog from another blog of biking!
    I really love riding and i guess you people are really making real fun out there and i guess could go on fun packed, action awaited, thrilling trip!
    Enjoy guys!