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Friday, 7 November 2014

Man Cave heaven, and more friend catch up time.


OK, Uncle R, Uncle D, and I went to visit Antique Motorcycles today while Rex went shopping. I think he's looking to buy a new jacket (inside joke☺). I rode there and the boys caught the train out. All I can say is wow. It was man cave heaven.

I asked the owner if it was OK to take photos, and he said no. I was a little disappointed, but then he explained why. Apparently some unscrupulous bastards have taken photos of bikes, then listed them on eBay, and sold them. The poor old buyer rolls up to pick up his bike, and finds out he's been ripped off, big time. After I explained I was writing a blog about our trip he gave me the OK to take photos, and boy did I take some photos.

Here are just a few...

Antique Motorcycles

Very, very, tasty tracker. Look closely...

My first road bike.
500cc two stroke, triple cylinder, with a frame made of licorice and brakes that didn't work. I loved it.
First bike I did 100mph on.

Inside. Yay!

More inside. More Yay!

VR 750 Honda. I've never seen one in the flesh before.

More Bimotas that you could poke a stick at.

Antique Motorcycles are Indian specialists.

Nice Vincent!

My personal favourite, a Triumph Hurricane.

Notice anything different about this Katana?

Talk about a kid in a lolly shop, it was almost a religious experience. Walking through here gave me a feeling of true happiness. It really did make me physically feel good to be among these fantastic bikes. I obviously need to get a life.

With the dreaming and drooling over and done with we decided it was time for lunch. The owner suggested the RSL Club (Returned Services League) down the road and then drove Uncle R and Uncle D there, while I followed on the bike. How nice was he to do that? Motorcyclists really are good people.

Now, I do have one, big problem with Antique Motorcycles. If I won Lotto tomorrow, I'd be broke again by the weekend. There were so many bikes in there that I would just love to own, and ride. Some I've owned in the past, some I've always lusted after, and some I've never seen before.

Back at the hotel I did a little blogging and a little snoozing while waiting for the others to get back. It turns out that Uncle D and Uncle R had found a gentleman's cultural and enrichment club, and decided to partake of a few refreshments whilst being entertained. They could have given me a call to join them.   

No sooner had they arrived back at the hotel and it was time for dinner and another catch up with old friends we don't see often enough.

Tonight's venue was Gasolina Garage. Gasolina build custom bikes, and have a restaurant / bar adjoining their work shop. It's a pretty cool set up. Here we caught up with my friends Dave and Bronwyn, a couple of my favourite peoples who I used to work with at Suzuki.

Me, Bronny, and Dave.
Let's not leave it so long between drinks this time eh Dave?

We also caught up with Mal again, with his lovely wife Shauna, and a mate of Uncle R's who was another very secretive type.

Dave, Rex, Bronwyn, Secret Squirrel, Uncle R, Uncle D, Shauna, me, and Mal.

It was a really nice dinner get together, it's just a shame I live so far away from so many great people. Maybe we should move to Melbourne?

We earned more beer credits with a wobbly walk back to the hotel. Tomorrow we start the long ride home across this bloody big country.

I must admit, I'm not looking forward to it.

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