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Friday, 5 August 2016

We say goodbye to Kalbarri and point our bikes toward Denham.


It's 380 kilometres from Kalbarri to Denham, with not much in between. We can do that standing on our heads.

Off we go...

These's not really a lot to see along the way, so we covered the distance to Denham pretty quickly, and with out any encounters of the animal kind, which is always good. Hitting a kangaroo, or a cow, while you're riding a motorcycle is never good.

There are places like this all along the coastline up here. Absolutely stunning.

Denham is a really pretty spot, and a bit of a secret. It's near Monkey Mia, home of the tourist dolphins, so everybody goes there and skips Denham. My advice would be visit Denham if you're in the area. It's a great place with a nice feel to it. They are revitalising the foreshore and when it's finished it will be beautiful.

There is a memorial to the HMAS Sydney, which was lost off the coast here, and it's pretty special. it's printed on glass with a feint image if the ship, and the names of all the crew members. With the light shining through the glass, it gives the feeling of being underwater. I don't know who designed it. but they did a wonderful job.

 The HMAS Sydney Memorial.
It's really hard to photograph.

 All those lives lost.
Such a waste.

You can learn more about HMAS Sydney here:

 Not a bad little toy.

 Fishing boats ready to catch our dinner.

 An old pearling lugger.

 How's this for a fish?
A six foot three inch Groper which weighed in at 440 pounds, or just under 200 kilograms.

 Denham's tribute to Red Dog,
(If you haven't already, see the movie)
by Derek and Patricia Renoir-Weston.
The price? Priceless.

Denham was a surprise for me. It's one of those places I'd like to go back to and just chill for a weeks holiday.

As the sun set we sat down to a huge feed of fresh oysters with some delicious pork (and crackling) followed by a good sleep at the the Shark Bay Hotel. We'll head to the crime capital of Western Australia tomorrow, Carnarvon.

Wish us luck.

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