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Thursday, 8 September 2016

There is a Horizons Unlimited Traveller's Meeting in Perth this month, and it's got me reminiscing...


Woohoo! It look like we'll finally make it to the Perth Horizons Unlimited get together this month.

In 2012 Suzanne and I attended our first Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting at Mount Tzoumerka in Greece. (Check out the blog for 1 August 2012 for the full story on Mount Tzoumerka). It was a brilliant weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, learned a hell of a lot, and made some life long friends as well.

Our camp in the background.

Alex and Milla...
...and our camp in the background.
Not a bad spot eh?

The bar was excellent,
The beer and wine was cold...

...which was lucky because we ran out of refreshments.

We decided there and then that we must run a HU meet in Perth when we got back home. Well, someone beat us two it and organised one before we even got home. I missed the first one due to a date clash with a previously arranged ride, and last year I ended up in hospital, so we couldn't make it.

Hopefully this year the stars will align and see us spending the weekend camping at Fairbridge Village, listening to some great presentations, and meeting some fantastic new people.

We might see you there?

A few more random photos from the Mount Tzoumerka weekend:

Suzanne broke out her
traveling body paint kit...

...and gave Joel his own, custom
Horizons Unlimited T Shirt.
Take a look at the backdrop.

Alex's presentation was both enlightening,
and moving.

There had to be a dog photo.
Zara was the camp dog, and as you can see,
she was pretty mellow.

No matter what you ride,
you can explore the world.
Stergios's Vespa.

Yikes! HU travellers power board.

Did Suzanne have fun?
Dennis looks serious in the background.

Off road rider skills training.

A huge downpour didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm at the presentations. Jen looks particularly amused.

You meet the best people riding a bike.
Taz, Christos, Angel, Roger, and Jen.

For a few bucks extra we didn't have to be self sufficient. This was lunch for
Suzanne and I.

Thodoris, my partner in crime one night.
Way, way to many Mythos were consumed.
This is then next morning.

Polytimi has logged 48,000 kilometers in twelve months on her BMW R800GS.

Deb, a real crack up, and Simon, who is 80 odd and still riding around the world.

Part of the Greek crew enjoying their Tsipouro
(home distilled firewater).
That large bottle in the middle of the table was full
at the start of the night.

Everyone was all ears at the presentations.

Wonderful location for the meet.

Leaving our weekend home.

It was a huge weekend, so I took a little nap.

We were tired, but happy.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Horizons Unlimited Traveller's Meeting, I strongly recommend you grab it with both hands and go.

You'll have a ball.


  1. Thanks for the share! Love your blog!

  2. Hey Simon & Suzanne,
    Really great to meet you both, thanks for making us feel so welcomed at the Fairbridge HU meeting. I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.
    Catch up with you both sometime soon.

    Will & Jenny.

    1. Hi Guys,

      It was a pleasure to meet you guys as well. We'll have to catch up for a beer, or a port soon. Drop me an email and I'll give you the details of an overnighter we're doing on November 5.


      Simon and Suzanne.