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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Almost time to go.


Well we're off in seven days for the start of our family holiday, then the start of our epic adventure. There hasn't been much happening around here apart from organising the last details for the trip, and trying to finish the house renovation. The trip is coming along OK but the renovation has very been slow progress with only a couple of rooms finished. To make things interesting the internet went down yesterday for 24 hours, and I woke up to a pool of water on the bathroom floor this morning due to a leaking cistern. Just another couple of little jobs to take care of. Oh yes, my Tom Tom spat the dummy and refused to upload my new European maps so it was sent to the Tom Tom doctor who after a week said he can't get it to work either. This is all happening as we try to prepare for our going away party on Saturday. To say things are a little tense around here at the moment would be an understatement!

Luckily I escaped for a weekend ride on my Speed Triple last weekend. Twelve of us rode down to Margaret River and stayed over Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and the 550 Km ride in perfect conditions on Saturday soothed my frazzled nerves. There's nothing like a good ride to make you feel human again. The odd beer or two Saturday night didn't hurt either.

A couple of years ago I had a little run in with a kangaroo while I was out riding and spent a bit of time in hospital and a few weeks off work. I now get nervous whenever I see kangaroo signs on the side of the road. On the weekend ride we rode through a town called Collie and this sign greeted us on the way in:

A 'roo warning sign just for me.

Then to add insult to injury, we stopped at a brewery just out of Margaret River for a cleansing ale. It was late in the day and as we were leaving a young waitress came over to me and said "Be careful riding into town. We had a guy hit a kangaroo and come off just down the road a few weeks ago". Anyone would think they were out to get me. 

With a little luck the blog will get a bit more interesting as on next week. Check in and let me know what you think.

Well, back to work. My next post should be from the airport as we ready to board. Yahoo!


  1. Good Luck you guys, really wish we could see you on your travels, ut hopefully we will see you at some stage soon.

    Love you guys

    Emma xxxxx

  2. You might just see me Emma. If Suzanne goes home early and I have some $$$ left, I want to catch a ship across to the U.S. and ride down to the tip of South America. South America was my original destination when Suzanne wasn't going on the trip, so I still NEED to visit there. On the other hand, if Suzanne loves the trip, then we might just both turn up on your door step. Hope bubs is behaving :)