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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Side trip.


As we have so much time to spare and we are so organised (NOT!) we are now having a little five day side trip to Melbourne before we leave on our trip. Suzanne wants to go and say goodbye to her mum and dad and I don't need much convincing to go and see them either. I am very fortunate to have a family of in laws that are fantastic people and there are definitely no mother-in-law jokes around our house.

I might just have to have a Melbourne farewell get together while we are there.

Goodies for the trip.

One thing about our trip that differs from a lot of other people's is that I haven't been chasing sponsorship or support for anything. It mightn't sound like a big deal, but if you're a motorcyclist it is. As you can imagine we will use a lot of motorcycle and camping related products on this trip, from Helmets to boots, from sleeping mats to our tent. I'll be writing up products we use as we go and as I'm not committed to any brands I can write exactly what I think. If a product doesn't perform up to scratch, you'll hear about it. Suzanne will offer a pillion's point of view when it's applicable.

Rev'it Defender GTX jacket and pants: This gear consists of three piece construction, and outer shell, a Gore-Tex waterproof liner and, a thermal liner. The gear has a lot of great features and it's very well made. I've only used it once in 40 degree temperatures with all the liners removed and all the vents open. The venting system works very well, I was still hot, but a lot more comfortable than if I was wearing a normal jacket and jeans. I'm keen to try it in the rain as I've never found any clothing that is truly waterproof on a bike in the rain. We'll see. This gear had obviously been designed by people who ride bikes. Little things like the adjustable neck closure make this obvious. On the negative side Suzanne's jacket arrived with a few zip pulls missing which makes it a pain to use the zips with gloves on. I've contacted both the Revit and the retailer of this gear but haven't heard a thing back. So, jacket and pants good, customer service, not so good.

Rev'it website:

Counting down. Only 28 days 'till we fly out.


  1. blog wars!!!! on your marks, get set go!

  2. Just telling it like it is saltysal. :)

  3. Great Blog looks like you are on a trip of a lifetime....Welcome to the UK