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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yahoo! A bike at last.


After an early morning phone call this morning (one am) we now have a bike to ride when we get to the UK. A nice, shiny BMW R1200GS Adventure from the team at Park Lane BMW in London. I was starting to get a little worried because I had tried to buy three bikes in the UK and missed out on each one. This time things went smoothly and a deposit has been placed. The best news is the team at Park Lane are happy to keep the bike for us and let us pay the balance when we arrive.

Our home for the next 12 months.
Now girls, have a look at the silver box on the side of the bike. That is Suzanne's wardrobe / chest of drawers to keep all her goodies in for twelve months. Yes, that's right, all her clothes, shoes, make up, hair care products, jewellery, paperwork, face and body paint, brushes, and everything else has to go in that little box. That should provide a few laughs. This is the real reason we are travelling by bike on our trip. Due to the extremely limited space, Suzanne can't shop much while we are away. Can she?

Now I know I have a bike to ride it's back to the web to purchase my Isle Of Man ticket for the Senior TT race on June 8th, and a ferry ticket to get there. Suzanne will stay in London while I ride up to the Isle. It will give me a chance to get used to the bike. The bad news is that June 8th is Suzanne's birthday. I'll be at the IOM and Paige will be at a Blink 182 concert that night.

Anyone want to baby sit for me?

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