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Friday, 7 September 2012

Some thieving mongrel stole our tent.


I've been parking my bike outside the front door of the hotel, about four metres from the reception desk. You can't get safer than that can you?

We went down stairs for breakfast this morning and I noticed the fuel can I bought yesterday was sitting on the seat of the bike. That's a bit unusual. When I looked closer I realised that someone had taken one of our soft bags off the bike. They had also undone the other one, but were probably disturbed and left with out it. The bag contained our brilliant MSR Mutha Hubba tent, along with a few other bits and pieces.

All up the financial loss is about $800. It also meant we couldn't attend Triumph Live at Mallory park as we had no house (tent) to live in, and we had to pay for another couple of nights in the motel.

We spent the rest of the day in the hotel room on the phone to the Police and the insurance company (of course we are not covered for the theft of luggage from a motor vehicle, or further expenses caused by the theft. No wonder everyone hates insurance companies. They are thieving bastards).

To top it off we found out our dog Milo has pancreatitis and needs medicating, and she has a couple of bad teeth that may need removing.

All in all a pretty crap day.

We're flying to Rome on Monday to meet up with my sister to start our cruise. I'll shake off my grumpiness tomorrow.

7/9/12 - We are currently on board our cruise ship and having a great time. Internet access in only by satellite so updates my be a bit sparse until we finish our cruise on the 25th.

Where is Rex's Buff?

At least we still have Rexy's Buff.
Here it's modeled by Floyd.

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