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Friday, 14 June 2013

We're heading home.

Wednesday 22/5/13

Right. Back to the job at hand, cramming everything into these boxes. A few hours later four suitcases were packed and four boxes were chock a block and taped shut. We were ready to go.

We'd said goodbye to Carla early this morning when she left for work. Now it was Barbara and Phil's turn. Like I've written many times before, I hate this part. Barbara, thank you for allowing us to take over your home and fill it with our stuff. Thank you Carla for giving up your bed to us. Lastly, thank you Phil, for providing humorous entertainment while we were stressing about everything.

It was time to go.

We dropped the boxes off at the freight depot and made tracks for the airport. We had heaps of time because we left early to avoid the risk of getting caught in peak hour traffic.

After dropping of the hire car we found ourselves a little cafe in the airport and ordered some food and a drink. As I said, we had plenty of time so we had a few drinks. When it was time to leave we presented our credit card to pay the bill...and it was declined. How's that for cutting it fine? Our card was over the limit and finally declined in the very last hours of our trip. What were we going to do? Our other card, that had plenty of credit had been cancelled due to the Bangkok hacking, and we had no cash. I thought we might be able to get some money out of an ATM, but after three tries at different machines came away empty handed. Oh dear. We couldn't even do the washing up as we had to board our plane. Then I remembered I still had some cash from Montenegro that I hadn't changed. Our bill was forty nine pounds and after changing my cash, I had fifty one pounds and a few coins. Whew! Suzanne was relieved to see me walk back into he cafe smiling.

No duty free shopping for us though. We are now officially skint, with two hefty credit card bills. It will be time to pay the piper when we get home.

We walked onto our Emirates A380, the first time we'd been in one, and it was very nice. Comfy seats and lots of leg room, even in cattle class. Our seven hour trip might not be so bad. The take off was interesting. There was none of this get pushed back into your seat stuff. It was more of a lumber down the runway for ages, then gently lift off. I guess there is a hell of a lot of weight to get off the ground with these things. The in seat entertainment system was full of new release movies and got a thorough workout and the meals were deluxe. Emirates do it so well. Thank you.

Thursday 23/5/13

The pilot put the A380 on the ground in Dubai in what was probably one of the smoothest landings I've ever experienced. Then we sat at the airport for a couple of hours, not even able to buy a drink. Luckily I managed to "find" the password for British Airways WiFi to keep me entertained.

Time seemed to pass very quickly and we were soon on our A777 and in the air. We'll be home in about ten hours and I'm looking forward to seeing our daughter Paige, and our dogs.

Our adventure is nearly over.

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