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Friday, 21 June 2013

The adventure is over and we're home.

Friday 24/5/13

After losing a day in the air we touched down in Perth at about one am on Friday morning. Usually it takes a long time to clear customs and immigration. As we'd been to so many countries during our trip we ticked yes to just about every box on the entry cards declaring we had plant material, we'd visited farms, had medication, and so on. We were expecting a long delay in completing all the formalities of arrival in Australia.

It took all of about ten minutes before we walked out the front door of Perth Airport. Yahoo! That was a real bonus. Suzanne's sister Kathy drew the short straw and picked us up, which was lucky as we couldn't have paid for a taxi if we had to get one.

It felt very strange walking up to our front door.

We were given a normal but sedate greeting from our old dog Milo, while Vader just barked at us and wouldn't come near us. After about ten minutes I think Milo remembered who we were and went a bit crazy. After another teen minutes Vader did the same. Jasmine the cat did the normal cat thing and just looked at us as if to say "Oh, have you been away?"

We'll see Paige in the morning.

So, that's about it for our epic adventure...but, planning is already under way for the next trip.

The top of Alaska to the bottom of South America?

Africa top to bottom?

Who knows?

Where ever it is though, you can be sure it will be the Wrong Way Round. I'll be updating the blog every couple of weeks or so as I build my Suzuki DR750 Adventure bike. There is a Horizons Unlimited in Perth in October, so I have a deadline to have this up and running.

For more info on the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Perth, go here:

I went outside to clean my Suzuki a year ago before we left.
It ended up like this, with everything sand blasted ready for a ground up rebuild.

Maybe I'll see you back here in a few weeks time...☺

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  1. Well, it is really the only way to rebuild a bike, but might take you longer than you had originally planned... :) great project, and I have never seen a DR750 on the east coast...