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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Goodbye to our BMW. 

It's been wonderful knowing you.

Saturday 18/5/13

We picked up the rent a rocket hire car this morning and loaded it up with all our gear. I don't know how we fitted it all on the bike because we filled the car right up. Even discounting our riding gear, there was a lot of stuff crammed into it.

Our bike will live with Leigh and Annmarie in Wales until someone gives it a new home. It was a horrible feeling driving away from Wales knowing that we had ridden our bike for the last time. I really wish we could take it home.

Leigh and Annmarie's grand daughter was here so Suzanne broke out the face painting kit and made Amiah very happy with a quick splash of colour.

What a surprise, Amiah wanted a butterfly design.

The sun was shining so it was off to the beach for the dogs to have a swim. What a great beach. At one point we counted twenty dogs there. There were tennis balls going everywhere.

Floyd the torpedo.

Leo scaring the fish.

Back at the house it was time to say goodbye to the Jacksons. Thank you so much for your hospitality guys. Have a great time in Turkey on your holiday and hopefully we'll catch up again somewhere down the road.

I hate goodbyes, and this one was as bad as any.
See ya Floyd. See ya Leo.

We were into the hire car and on the road. Hitchin here we come. The little Astra made good time, but it felt very strange driving a car again. Not really claustrophobic, but definitely closed in, and we couldn't see much at all. We didn't realise just how much better the view is from the seat of a bike until we rode one for a long time, then climbed back into a car.

A few hour later we pulled into Carla-Jayne and her mum Barbara's driveway. We'd stayed here earlier on out trip for a few days. It was nice to catch up with them again and Carla gave up her bed for us during our stay. Then she whipped up a tasty dinner that filled our empty stomachs.

Barbara and Phil. Cheeky Phil is always good for a laugh.

We're really close to the end of our trip now. But we are happy. Carla is visiting Australia later this year, so we can returning the accommodation favour when she's Down Under. 

I have a feeling it will be a fun time while she's in Oz.

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