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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Five days in Barry, relaxing with good friends.

Monday 13/5/13

Leigh and Annmarie headed off to work this morning and left us to our own devices. We pretty much did nothing all day. It was pleasant, and very relaxing. Travelling, and packing and unpacking every day does wear a bit thin after a while so it's nice to stay in one place and just have a rest.

It's also a novelty to sit and watch TV that is broadcast in English for a change.  Floyd isn't allowed on the lounge so while we were watching TV he found a novel way to get round that...

"I'm not on the lounge. I'm on Suzanne. So that's OK"

We did venture out to the supermarket and stock up on a few necessary supplies. : )

Tuesday 14/5/13

Today the guys gave us the keys to their car so Suzanne and I could get out and about if we wanted too. We did go for drive to try and find a Morrison's supermarket as we were told they were much cheaper than the little corner shop down the road. We drove around for quite some time before giving up and heading back to the corner shop. More rations were bought and the shelves restocked.

Suzanne did a bit of washing and managed to break the door off the washing machine. Yes, it came right off in her hand. Sorry guys, just what you need a few days before you go on holidays.

Wednesday 15/5/13

Yay, we found Morrison's. I love supermarket shopping here. Today we found some very tasty delicacies. Wensleydale cheese (Gromit) with cranberries in it, pork pies, some very nice Lindt chocolates, and other "essentials" like that. The prices here are so cheap. It's going to hurt when we go home and go shopping.

I also discovered these.

When a good mates name is Thornton, this chocolate is just wrong. Needless to say, we didn't buy any. Sorry Dave.

Thursday 16/5/13

Suzanne and I took the boys for a good walk around the bushland nearby. That's another thing I've noticed here. There are large areas of bush within a two minute walk of just about everywhere we've been. Great for exercising dogs, and people.

Suzanne and Leo the Chihuahua.

The boys at play.

The boys worked pretty hard chasing sticks and slept for about an hour when we got back home.

Annmarie's mum, Pat, was a dinner guest and she is a real sweetie. She and Leigh have different opinions on a lots of things, but are still good drinking buddies. It's good to know someone else has a mother in law that they get on well with.

Friday 17/5/13

Reality struck hard today. We took the bike down the the pressure washer and started to clean it. Removing all of our travel stickers was hard and the bike looked naked when we had finished. Once it had been washed pretty well we headed home where the work continued. Scrubbing, washing, polishing, lubing, and so on. By the time we'd finished it looked pretty bloody good. Too good to leave behind.

Scrub, wash, rinse, clean.

Isle of Man, Bushy's pub, England, Germany, Assen, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Andorra, Spain, Montreux. All gone.

Our baby, all bathed and clean.

Now we have to clean all our gear, make sure it is spotless, and pack it up to send home. Australian quarantine is very strict, and I don't have any problem with that. Australia is very isolated and as a result we don't have a lot of bugs or diseases there. The last thing we want, or need, is a bug that could impact any part of our agricultural industry. Especially the vineyards!

We have decided to leave our bike with Leigh in Wales so we'll pick up a hire car tomorrow to use for the last few days of our adventure. Tomorrow we'll drive to Hitchin and spend our last few days with our friend Carla Jayne and her mum Barbara. While we are there we'll clean all our gear and prepare everything to be sent home.

We'll be washing off a lot of good times.


The decision has been made, the bike has to be sold. It's a bloody brilliant bike and is listed on ebay here:

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