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Monday, 20 May 2013

Welsh party time. A night out in Cardiff.

Saturday 11/5/13

As is the ritual in this household, Floyd and Leo needed to be taken for a walk this morning. Leigh and I took the boys down to the beach where they had a great time chasing a tennis ball, digging holes, and running themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Floyd "Throw that ball again and you can fetch it yourself."

Leo "Is it time to go home yet?"

It's a sad sight watching two dogs walking back to the car so slowly that they can't keep up with us.

In the afternoon Aidan, another one of the guys I met at the Isle of Man, rolled up. We spent the afternoon doing boy stuff. Talking about bikes, reading bike magazines, working on Leigh's van, complaining about women, all that sort of stuff.

Leigh had a night out planned. He drove us all to the railway station where we caught a train into Cardiff and after a few dramas with Suzanne and I getting hold of some cash from an ATM, we found our way to O'Neill's Pub. We caught up with some of Leigh's mates and his brother Erin, who we met at Cartagena.

Early in the night. Suzanne, Leigh, me, and Aidan.

Suzanne and Annmarie being kind to an old man (me).

OK, things are stating to go down hill now.
Can you tell?

Many hours later, and after a "few" cleansing pints, we made our way toward the railway station. On the way we walked down Chip Alley and picked up a chicken curry with chips. Oh boy was that nice or what? Yummo! Why does take away always taste so much better after a visit to the pub?

Then it was onto the train for the trip back to Barry.

Some of us coped better than others.
Goodnight Annmarie.

Back in Barry we grabbed a taxi for the quick trip home where those of us with stamina (Leigh and I) enjoyed a lovely whiskey. The rest of the crew hit their mattresses.

It was great night and we all had a lot of fun. Thanks Leigh and Annmarie.

The decision has been made, the bike has to be sold. It's a bloody brilliant bike and is listed on ebay here:

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